Coaching & Mentoring

One-to-one artist development

Make yourself accountable for your progress with monthly 1-2 hour coaching sessions.

We’ll help you to keep focused on your goals, make a plan to move towards them and stick to it so you get there.

Networking Opportunities

The right relationships can propel your career.

We run monthly music industry meetups in Stoke-on-Trent and at music industry events across the country.

We also run a community of aspiring artists and music industry professionals in the West Midlands with an ethos on supporting and collaborating with each other.

Hands-On Workshops

Learn the music business by doing

There are some things that you might need to do as an early stage artist or aspiring music industry professional that are better learnt through doing.

Need to create an EPK to get better gigs out-of-town?
Need to learn the basics of Photoshop so you can create your own posters & flyers?
Need to create a WordPress website for your band or business?
Need help applying for funding for your next music project?

We offer workshops to help you get skilled up in a variety of areas.

Industry Masterclasses

Panel events and seminars

Better understand the industry you’re in by attending music industry panel events & seminars delivered by experts currently working in the industry.

We run regular industry panel events for aspiring artists and music industry professionals to learn from record label execs, managers, producers, agents, promoters and artists.

Music Business Training

Learn best practice and latest trends

We want to help grow the music industry in the West Midlands and create more opportunities for aspiring musicians and music industry professionals to get started.

Thinking of setting up a record label? Interested in artist management? Think you’d make a good booking agent? Want to become a successful live music promoter? Want to know how to sound better when you play live?

Indie Music Matters offers training in all of the above and more.

Online and Offline Courses

Learn specific music industry skills

For things that can’t be learnt in a day, IMM offers courses that can be studied in your own time online, or in person in a classroom if you prefer that type of learning environment.

IMM will soon offer courses in a variety of areas.